Operation Foreverwing targets illegal and unsafe drone operators

The Police, the Home Office and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are launching a nationwide campaign to crack down on illegal and unsafe drone operators. The number of drones in the UK has increased dramatically in recent years making the skies above our heads increasingly busy and as a result, incidents of dangerous and irresponsible flying are also on the rise. The new campaign, called Operation Foreverwing, will see the Police deploy dedicated drone teams across the country. They will enforce the law by confiscating drones, issuing fines and ultimately taking people to court if they fail to stick to the rules. This campaign is particularly important given the series of major events ongoing in the UK currently, which the new national police capability will help to protect. This capability has already protected a major event at last weekend’s G7 Conference and will continue to protect events such as Euro 2020 and other sporting events over the summer, as well as COP26 in November. Last week a drone user was fined over £5,000 and had their drone confiscated for flying it illegally in central London. UK law now dictates that all drone flyers who own a drone that either weighs 250 grams or over, or are fitted with a camera, have to be registered with the CAA. Failure to register leaves drone users at risk of penalties up to £1,000. Plus anyone flying a drone needs to pass a test on the CAA website. There are almost 200,000 drone operators registered already but it is estimated that there are thousands of drone operators yet to register. With the CAA setting the rules for drone flying, the campaign will raise awareness of the rules while reminding those tempted to break them of the consequences.

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