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Bat Out of Hell @ The Regent - Review

On the opening night in Hanley 44 Harley Davidsons proudly rode into town, 2 by 2, paint and chrome a gleaming, engines roaring. Crowds gathered as this spectacle thrilled and mesmerised. The convoy roared its way through the streets concluding with an impressive display parking up side by side at the entrance to the elegant Regent Theatre.

Inside, the hum of an eagerly anticipating audience echoed around the beautiful auditorium waiting for the show to begin.

After a monologue opening, which recalls a first encounter with rock n roll, the show exploded into life with the raw power of the rock music, the lights, the choreography and the stage a blaze with energy. The Theatre experience is alive and well in the hands of Bat Out of Hell.

Story synopsis:-

Based around the music of the late, great Jim Steinman & Meat Loaf, Strat, an eternally 18 year old who is the leader of “the Lost” living in the underworld of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian city called Obsidian, falls for Raven; the beautiful daughter of the city’s tyrannical leader (Falco). Falco is wanting to eliminate “the Lost” and forbids Raven from having anything at all to do with any of them - particularly Strat. However, Raven is in love with Strat. Through a rendition of some of Steinman’s greatest hits, we follow the love story that prevails.

This award winning musical is directed by Jay Scheib and starring Glen Adamson (Strat) Martha Kirby (Raven) Rob Fowler (Falco) and Sharon Sexton (Sloane) supported by an outstandingly talented cast .

The stage sets are simple but effective with scenery and lighting to aid the story as it unfurls (some strobe lighting & flash photography).

This is a not-to-be-missed show full of energy and passion that can justifiably be described a “rock opera” with Jim Steinman’s unique musical style driving it from start to finish.

Tickets can be booked here

Bat Out of Hell, The Musical is showing at The Regent Theatre Hanley from 26th April 2022 to 30th April 2022 as part of its UK tour.


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