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Dirty Dancing @ The Regent Theatre

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

What an amazing night , The Legendary and Iconic Film "Dirty Dancing" comes to

the Regent Theatre in Stoke...



It was amazing that the Director of the performance mirrored the production from

Screen to the stage , no easy task I can tell you.


The main characters “Frances “Baby” Houseman” played by Kira Malou and

“Johnny Castle” played by Michael O’Reilly were superb in both moves and vocal ability.


Johnny had an uncanny likeness to Patrick Swayze too which made the performance even more magical!


The story they told was true the original film production with humorous elements added for good measure and theatrical prowess.


All the Dirty Dancing soundtrack classics were there too such as :-


“Yes”, “In the still of the night”, “Wipeout”, “Hungry Eyes” and “I’ve had the time of my

life” to name but a few!


The production was choreographed expertly with famous water lift scene one of the best theatrical presentations I have ever seen.


Daisy Steere who played “Lisa houseman” was just brilliant and very true to the

movie in both dance and vocal talents.


Max and Neil Kellerman were also very on point with their performance as was

Tito. The singing, the music, the costumes bought the movie to life on the big stage.


All the characters played a brilliant performance and so did the musicians from

Kellerman’s Band.


Credit to all the backstage staff too , staging, lighting and costume designers

 did a wonderful job to bring the performance to life and make it true to

the film.


Dirty Dancing one of my all time favourite movies and I was expecting "Big Things" from this production ,

luckily I was not disappointed.


The Regent Theatre is a very versatile venue that lends itself to al types of productions big or small.


The production is showing at the Regent Theatre until Saturday 8th July 23 , I highly recommend that you

go and watch it. If you love the film, you will love this production.




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