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Jesus Christ Superstar @ The Regent Theatre -Review

From the creation of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice, this multi award winning work that has graced the West End and Broadway, TV and the big screen comes to the Regent Theatre, Hanley.  


It Is a “fictional” view of the gospel conceived and told as a version from the viewpoint that Jesus was just a man; a revered teacher who had gained a loyal following. But with a focus of a viewpoint of Jesus’ friend and disciple turned betrayer, Judas Iscariot.

Jesus Christ superstar is a gritty rock opera in which the story is portrayed through a 70s style music score with rock, folk, funk and gospel music. Full of outstanding, energetic choreography, this timeless work of art is set against the backdrop of the final days in the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his disciple Judas Iscariot. It focuses on the personal conflicts between Jesus, his disciples, the people of Israel, priests Annas & Caiaphas, the leadership of Rome, in particular Pontius Pilate and King Herod but with a particular focus on the fractured friendship between Judas and Jesus plus Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene.


David Ian, for Crossroads Live and Work Light productions with Nederlander Production Company UK and Michael Watt present the Regent Park open air theatre production. Starring… Ian MacinTosh as Jesus. … Luke Street as Judas . Hannah Richardson, as Mary Magdalene. Matt Bateman as Annas, Jad Habchi as Caiaphas plus a large supporting cast. 


Pleasant friendly staff greeted us as we arrived at this beautiful old venue in Hanley, a wide foyer with disability access conveniently situated welcomes audiences. The auditorium itself is a traditional design with stalls and a circle above with a very ornate and decorative roof. Comfortable seating, spacious and great views of the stage from every position. 


Right from the start the show is explosive, A blockbuster feel from the opening note that through dramatic music and performance, choreography and showmanship, never lets up throughout the first half. Utterly Outstanding vocals from the entire cast with real depth of soul and emotion in their delivery, provide the energy of power and volume to a brilliant music score and to the serenity of the beautiful ballads.

The second half has a different vibe. It starts with The Last Supper and takes us on a very emotionally charged journey through to the crucifixion.  Poignant and thought-provoking, it draws you into the story of betrayal and abandonment of Jesus’ final days. All with a delivery of expertise from a performance you cannot take your eyes or attention from. 

An innovative approach to storytelling of such a well-known story and an exploration of complex themes such as fame, influence,betrayal and the nature of divinity. Jesus Christ Superstar remains a timeless and powerful theatrical experience. A masterclass and masterpiece of its genre that is still as good a show as it’s always been. A must see.  


Jesus Christ superstar is featuring at the Regent Theatre Hanley from Monday 19th February 2024 to Saturday 24th February 2024

Tickets are available from the theatre box office or through



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