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Footloose at the Regent theatre

Back to the 80’s with Footloose

What a fantastic fun night it was last night at the Regent Theatre, Hanley, Stoke on Trent. This week the touring production of Footloose the Musical came to town and blew everyone away. It is such a joyful uplifting show. I defy anyone not to smile whilst watching it.

Footloose, adapted for the stage by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie, Music by Tom Snow and Lyrics by Dean Pitchford, with additional music by Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Loggins and Jim Steinman and directed by Racky Plews, opened last night until Saturday 26th March at the Regent Theatre in Stoke on Trent. This is the musical of the 1984 film of the same title which starred Kevin Bacon as the outsider Ren McCormack from Chicago and it shows him flying in the face of authority in the town who have banned dancing and rock music following a tragic accident some years earlier.

The show opens with the title song and is a blast, the cast are also the musicians in the show and their versatility knows no bounds, they sing and dance while playing without missing a beat.

Ren McCormack is played by Joshua Hawkins, he’s got it all, the looks, the voice and the dancing feet. I really enjoyed his performance.

Jake Quickenden has such an endearing charm as Ren’s friend Willard Hewitt and he plays him just right, and he delights the audience when he reveals his little gold shorts.

Darren Day is a stalwart of musical theatre and plays the Reverend Shaw Moore. He is looking very distinguished these days and his vocals are fabulous in this show.

Lucy Munden plays the rebellious daughter of the reverend Ariel Moore, REN’s love interest.

I would like to say that there are some excellent voices in this cast. I really need to mention Oonagh Cox as Rusty, Samantha Richards as Urleen and Jess Barker as Wendy-Jo. These three ladies are fabulous singers.

Along with the well known songs from the film there are a couple of really great songs, Learning to be Silent is a poignant moment and where Ren’s mum, Reverend’s wife and his daughter all sing together but individually about their own feelings and experience. Another lovely song is Almost Paradise where Holly Ashton as Vi Moore, the wife of the Reverend Moore showcases her vocals.

This cast are all fit as fiddles, they hardly stop dancing throughout the show, the encore is a great recap of the songs and dances and the joy on the faces of the cast shows how much they love performing. They were all still on stage dancing as the audience were leaving.

Fans of the film will enjoy the show, even if you have never seen the film you will be swept along with the enthusiasm and talent on stage and want to get up and dance along with the cast to the amazing 80’s tunes.

Footloose runs until Saturday 26th March at the Regent Theatre, Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Check the link below for tickets;

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