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Sister Act @ The regent theatre

Monday 25th September saw Hanley`s Regent Theatre play host to the Divine Musical Comedy that is Sister Act.

As Bill Buckhurst award winning director is at the helm we know we are in for a treat before the curtain even rises.

Alan Menken provides the musical direction and lyrics are courtesy of Glenn Slater. With this trio of theatrical legends involved Sister Act promises to deliver quality entertainment by the bucket load!

Sister Act the musical is of course based on the 1992 Hollywood Blockbuster of the same name name starring Whoopie Goldberg.

As a fan of the original film I was intrigued to see if the stage adaptation lived up to its big screen hit – I was not disappointed , infact I did prefer the musical to the film in parts as it was more pacey and action packed in my opinion.

Club Singer Deloris Van Cartier is witness to a murder committed by her criminal boyfriend Curtis Jackson who shoots one of his gang members.

Curtis is keen to track down Deloris and shut her up in he can , as he discovers that she went to the police and told them what she saw.

Eddie Souther (played by Alfie Parker) or “Steady Eddie” as Deloris called him back in high school is the City Police Chief who is tasked with keeping Deloris safe and out of harms way. Eddie also had a massive crush on Deloris since his school days and we see this play out throughout the production.

A rundown convent is Eddie`s solution as a safehouse for Deloris and it is here where things get very interesting indeed.

The convent is ran by Mother Superior played by the fantastic Lesley Joseph ,best know for playing the neighbour from hell Dorien Green in Birds of Feather. As expected Lesley delivers a faultless performance and delivers witty one liners and gags throughout the show.

Deloris is played by Landi Oshinowo.

Landi has a superb vocal ability and effortlessly and consistently belts out flawless songs throughout. One of the best female musical theatre performers I have seen and heard in a very long time.

I must mention that the soundtrack to the Production was performed by a live orchestra conducted by the superb Doug Besterman. The talented musicians ensured that the overal sound and feel of the production were next level and top notch.

The Actresses who played the nuns included Lizzie Bea , Isabel Canning , Jackie Pulford , Lori Haley Fox and Wendy-Lee Purdy all worked tirelessly and ensured a jaw dropping performance throughout.

Sister Act the musical stays true to its Hollywood big screen roots with the addition of some amazing songs written especially for the production including , Take me to Heaven , Fabulous Baby , The Life I never led and Raise your voice – to name but a few.

All I have to say it – Don`t Delay , book your tickets before its too late – Sister Act is a must watch musical if you have the opportunity.

Sister Act is running at the Regent Theatre Hanley from Mon 25 Sep to the Sat 30 Sep 2023.


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