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The Buddy Holly story @ The Regent Theatre

Charles Hardin Holly Born September 7th 1936 or just plain Buddy to his friends , Rocked the music scene in the Swingin` 50`s.....

Born in Lubbock Texas Buddy came from a musical family  and was destined for big things as he had a lust for wanting to be different and unique in his musical styles and break the norm.

The Buddy Holly story now showing at the Regent Theatre in Hanley tells Holly`s amazing but short lived adventure from a little known country singer to a world famous Rock `n` Roll star.

This epic musical written by Alan James  and Directed by  Matt Salisbury alongside a whole team of talented professionals including -: Alan James - Producer , Musical Supervisor - Dean Elliot , and Choreographer - Miguel Angel.

The Story begins with Holly performing at a small town radio station musical event, and with a desire to play his own style "shocked"  the audience and DJ there by playing "His"  music which we now know to be Rock and Roll.... Whilst this initially didn't go down well at first , Buddy persisted and soon got noticed and in a short period of only 18 months became one of the BIggest names in Musical History in the 1950`s.

During the stage show ,talented performer Christopher Weeks* blows us away with life-like and wholly accurate renditions of the Buddy Holly songs we all know and love.

Chris has got the Look , Sound and Supper Sizzle that left audiences wowed and mesmerised back in the day when watching the real Buddy Holly perform. 

It`s safe to say that you will come out satisfied after this show and certainly be humming and singing all those Rock and Roll classics for weeks to come.

Week`s performs all the Holly favourites from Peggy Sue to That`ll be the day plus many many more of the classics we remember Buddy for.

The Buddy Holly Story is definitely suitable for all ages , whether you are a die hard Holly fan or just appreciate great music ,- This show offers a treat for everyone!

50`s Radio DJ Hipockets Duncan  (played by Thomas Mitchells) is our host for the duration and keeps us informed , on track and in stitches with his classic Americano humour and wit. 

Fans of Rockabilly are also well catered for as we are treated to guest performances by The Big Bopper (Christopher Chandler) & Richie Valens (Miguel Angel) who get everyone up on their seats along with Holly at their fateful final and last performance at the Surf Ballroom.

Everything was in place for an amazing evening of musical theatre.

The stage settings were simple , effective and very fitting for the era. 

The sound design curated by Pete Cox was spot on and the lighting was simple and subtle and was just right for such a performance , hats off to the LD Darren Coopland.

Our Advice - Don`t miss this Musical Masterpiece!

We can wholeheartedly recommend booking your tickets to see The Buddy Holly Story , now showing at Hanley`s Regent Theatre Wed  28 Jun - Sat 1 Jul 2023   

Rock and Roll is Back ! - Buddy Holly Style....


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