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The Mousetrap @ the regent theatre

As part of its 70th anniversary tour ,the worlds longest running play, Agatha Christies “The Mousetrap” is showing at the beautiful Regent Theatre in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent from 3rd April 2023 - 8th April 2023.

    A friendly welcome at the main door of the theatre greeted us as we arrived to witness this travelling West End masterpiece, the genre-defining murder mystery from the pen of the bestselling author of all time, Agatha Christie.

     The story outline :-   Seven strangers find themselves stranded and snowed in at a remote country guesthouse.. News of a murder in London is heard over the wireless before Detective-Sergeant Trotter, investigating the crime arrives and declares the murderer is amongst them. But which one of them? And who could be the next victim?  

    Starring Todd Carty (Grange Hill, EastEnders, The Bill)as Major Metcalf and Gwyneth Strong (Only Fools and Horses) as Mrs Boyle ,plus Joelle Dyson, Essie Barrow, Kieran Brown, Joseph Reed and Stephen Bowen make up the fabulous cast. It is the opening day for Monkswell Manor guesthouse run by Mr and Mrs Ralston. With everything set and heavy snow falling they welcome in their five guests, all a little quirky to say the least. One by one they arrive but a harmonious hotel is not on the cards as personalities clash. A Phone call from the police announces the imminent arrival of Detective Sergeant Trotter… On skis. Upon his arrival he explains he is investigating a murder that took place in London and that the murderer was amongst them .

    A responsive ,virtually full auditorium watched on intrigued, puzzled, humoured and thoroughly entertained as the brilliant cast played out the story, trying to fathom the classic rendition of a whodunnit with of course everyone a suspect.              The mousetrap is a solidly traditional stage play and an excellent night out at a lovely venue . A terrific performance of a  “real life” game of Cluedo. A proper who-dunnit… and in there lies the question. ??   But of course, once you’re privy to the answer the secret must remain a secret with you  for others to find out for themselves by going and watching this wonderful stage show.

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